Agricultural activities are important economically and historically in parts of the Gateway West project area. Power line utilities generally try to avoid agricultural operations when feasible, but in some cases a line may be routed through such an area.

Depending on site-specific needs and flexibility, we will work with farmers and landowners on tower placement and height, as well as structure and access road locations, to the maximum extent possible.

The minimum distance from the lowest part of the line to the ground in agricultural areas is typically 40 feet, providing sufficient space to operate equipment underneath the conductor wires. The towers are freestanding and do not need guy wires for support.

Please also see our series of photos showing existing transmission lines on functioning agricultural land.

This computer simulation demonstrates agricultural operations that can take place adjacent to or under a 500 kV transmission line.

This time-lapse photo sequence shows how a pivot-irrigation system operates in an alfalfa field underneath a 500 kV transmission line in Hagerman, Idaho.

A number of third-party videos showing crop dusters operating near transmission lines are also available online.

Please note the Companies did not contribute to any third-party video content or development and do not endorse any opinion, recommendation or advice expressed in these videos.